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Cash Counters

In this section you will find products which will help organise and protect your money. Our most popular seller in this category is the money counting machine or coin sorter. For those of you who are looking for a coin sorter or coin counter you will find a terrific selection from popular brands which include Brecknell, Baijia and Cashmaster. These coin counting machines have the ability to count your coins in a matter of seconds which in turn will save you hours of your time. If you're looking for a counterfeit money detector you'll also find it in this section. As the fraudsters are getting more advanced with their technology and methods it is always very important to ensure that any coin counting machines or money detectors are kept right up to date.

The A2B Office team are always on hand if you require any assistance or to answer any of your questions on our money counting machines, money sorters and counterfeit money detector machines.

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  • YCR Coin Sorter and Counter Sterling BJ-18

    BJ-18 Coin Counter. A fast and efficient way to count coins. Accurately counts and sorts 216 coins per minute. Each hopper can hold 300 - 500 coins. Counter stops when coin tray is full. Also bundles preset coin quantities. - Pack Size: 1 Learn More
    Code : YC28059
    RRP : £190.36
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £122.47 Inc.Vat £146.96

  • Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro 113-0260

    Safescan have gone the extra mile in order to ensure that your workplace operates as efficiently and as simply as possible. This particular item certainly falls into this category, offering a hugely impressive coin sorting function which will save anyone who uses it, hours of sifting and sorting. Learn More
    Code : SSC33295
    RRP : £210.13
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £153.78 Inc.Vat £184.54

  • Safescan Banknote Counter/Checker 2250 115-0561

    This Safescan banknote counter can count up to 1000 notes per minute and is suitable for all currencies. The counter features 3 point counterfeit detection and an alarm, which is triggered by a suspect note. The counter also features an add and batch function, and will be suitable for use with the new Polymer notes. Learn More
    Code : SSC33283
    RRP : £296.39
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £217.74 Inc.Vat £261.29

  • Safescan 6185 Advanced Money Counting Scale 131-0457

    Counts loose coins, notes coin bags, money clips etc. 12 currencies pre-installed - upgrade to max. 60. - Pack Size: 1 Learn More
    Code : SSC33373
    RRP : £305.80
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £223.62 Inc.Vat £268.34

  • Safescan 2680-S Banknote Counter 112-0510

    This smart and efficient banknote counter from Safescan will detect counterfeit notes whilst counting. With a hopper capacity of 300 notes and the ability to stack 220 notes for counting at a time, this machine has 3 speed settings and is able to count either 800, 1,200 or 1,500 notes per minute. This counter has the capacity for 10 default currencies including the British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone and has an easy to use LCD display. Ideal for retail companies large and small, this counter will speed up your financial processes and help you to detect counterfeit money. Learn More
    Code : SSC33413
    RRP : £659.00
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £480.27 Inc.Vat £576.32

  • Safescan 2685-S Mixed Bank Note Counter and Counterfeit Detector 112-0511

    Suitable for cash intensive businesses, including bars, retailers and restaurants, the Safescan 2685-S is a time and money saving device. Suitable for both GBP and Euros, you can add a stack of unsorted notes and the 2685-S will accurately count them, as well as detecting any counterfeit notes. The counting speed is adjustable; choose between 800, 1200 and 1500 notes per minute and the device features an LCD screen that gives you a precise breakdown of the money counted. Learn More
    Code : SSC33309
    RRP : £728.99
    Our Price:
    Ex.Vat £712.89 Inc.Vat £855.47

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