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Casio Cash Registers

Casio Shop TillsWant to ensure maximum safety of your departmental shop or transaction of the business? Electronic Cash Registers from Casio is the best fit to meet your needs. Cash registers are electronic devices with drawers, lock-ups and storages that keep tracking the transactions and sales with maximum safety.

What are the benefits of choosing a Casio cash register?

  • Suitable for small cafes/retail shops/hospitality.
  • Thermal printer with two sections.
  • Large pop up or fold down.
  • Bright LCD customer display.
  • Availability of cash, credit cards and cheque.
  • 72 or more departments.
  • 3000-7000 price lock-ups.
  • 4-5 bills and 5-8 coins compartment.
  • Lacking Cash drawer capability.
  • Euro Function enabled.
  • 2-station printer, shop journals and customer receipts embedded.
  • Transaction recorded to two separate rolls.
  • 1 year on-site warranty.
  • Free Telephone support.

For your business transaction solution, here we’ve a rich collection of cash registers included Sharp, Casio and Sam4s. Each of the products is somehow special and durable and you can choose cash register that fits the best to fulfill your super shop necessity.

Several models are available for Casio Cash Register which you can browse between from our website to know more. The specialty about our Casio Cash Register is, it’s the best fot for entry level register for small business with drawer holding limited values of coins and bills. Also you can find suitable models of Casio Cash Register for larger purposes as well. So for a durable, secure and safe cash register for your shop, you can easily rely on Casio Cash Register from A2B Office.

If you need any help choosing the best fit cash register for you just contact our helpful team.

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