There would be plenty of instances when you need to cut papers as per your requirement. You might use paper knife or tear it with your hand. But consider you are having a bunch of papers and have to cut them as per specifications, the best machine you have is rotary paper trimmer. There are many models in rotary paper trimmers that are available in a market space. Each of them has some advantages above the rest, but lack some features. We have identified three best models that can fit your requirements.

The Fellowes Atom 150: Fellowes is famous for making paper shredders uk and laminators. In addition to them, they have very good paper trimmer named “Atom 150”.Atom 150 has 15 inch cutting length and has a capacity of trimming up to 30 sheets ate one go. It can also trim plastic sheets, card boards and foam sheets. It has some unique safety features like stainless steel blade is fully covered with plastic. This decreases chances of accidental cuts to user. It has a paper clamp to ensure straight cutting. Rubber legs at base give it stability during use.

The AKiles Roll a blade 1815: This product boasts of great cutting technology which has 18 inch tungsten steel blade. This blade is super sharp and can cut many items like leather bands that are impossible for other trimmers. It also has adjustable depth gauge and has transparent clamp. Due to it, you can hold the material tight and can also watch the cutting happening and how it is progressing. For measurements, it offers both metric and standard scale.

Swingline Smartcut Dial a blade plus 9413: Third in our choice for you, this is a great machine from swingline. It can perform four different kinds of cuts; straight, perforated, scored and wavy. It has four different blades to perform different cuts and you can swap between them by just rotating the knob. For straight cuts, it can trim up to 10 sheets while for other its capacity is 5 sheets. It also consists of transparent clamp for checking progress of work. It also has limited warranty of one year.

As per our research, these are three best paper trimmers for office use. You can check functioning of all of them and decide on purchasing one of them.


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